Objectives of SEY

SEY, the Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations, acts and operates to promote the welfare of and respect for all animals.

The actions of SEY aim at the welfare of animals in our society. The objective of SEY is that all animals are respected as feeling, sentient individuals and that the animals taken care by people live a meaningful life. By its actions, SEY especially aspires to prevent problems while also actively helping the animals that are suffering.

SEY’s objective for animal welfare are the three fundamental rights:

1. the right to positive feelings and experiences, and to be treated well;

2. the right to natural behaviour and a corresponding habitat;

3. the right to well-being, health and ability to function.

People should also treat wild animals respectfully and help them accordingly when necessary.

Read more in Finnish on the species and activity-specific objectives of SEY on the subpages of this article.

SEY acts for all animals.

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