The Main Ideology of SEY

SEY Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations, active in animal welfare since 1901, is the biggest and most influential animal welfare group and animal protection expert in Finland. SEY acts for all animals and is active country-wide. The practical animal welfare work of SEY is done by over 40 member associations, and about 100 volunteering animal welfare inspectors and counsellors.


SEY acts and operates to promote the welfare of and respect for all animals.

The Everyday Values

Respect for animals


The unified, influential and famous SEY acts for the welfare of animals in our society.

People are responsible for the animals they are taking care of. The realisation of animal welfare can be observed with the following animal rights:

  • the right to be treated well, and to positive feelings and experiences;
  • the right to natural behavior and a corresponding habitat;
  • the right to well-being, health and ability to function.

These rights refer to the definition of animal welfare by the Companion and Hobby Animal Welfare Council.

People should also treat wild animals respectfully and help animals accordingly when needed, irrespective of the species.

Hands-on Resources

”No Life Too Small”

Practical animal protection work and the promotion of animal welfare, good treatment and respect for animals are at the core of everything SEY does. We start everything from respect for each animal. All animals have their own intrinsic value irrespective of their usefulness for people. We are in this together as advocates and defenders for each animal. We also participate in international co-operation to promote animal welfare.

”Practical Grassroots Level Work”

SEY is a Finnish non-attached organisation run on a voluntary basis. We are active country-wide. Our actions happen at the local level in order to pay attention to local problems and circumstances. We work at the grassroots level in people and animals’ everyday lives where the results of our practical work are visible.

”Changes to the Customs of Society”

SEY influences the public opinion and policymaking to promote the welfare of and respect for animals. We influence animal-related legislation and policymaking on all forums, and encourage people to animal ethical consumption and actions. We aspire at making the voice promoting the interests of animals heard in all animal-related policymaking.

”More Together”

Our work means playing as a team with a level playing field and good team spirit. We pull together: every member is needed. We have both strong expertise and experience. We respect each other, we are proud of our and others’ know-how and effort. Successes bring joy to everyone, benefiting especially animals. 

Everyone working with us is equal. Our activities are straightforward and transparent. The goal is to make SEY an up-to-date, dynamic community for its members and stakeholders.

”Many Hands Make Light Work”

SEY is a credible and trustworthy expert of animal protection. We have a large network of several partners. We aspire to reach all age groups from grannies and granddads to toddlers. The seeds of respect for all life are already sown in the childhood.  

“The Support of Animal-Lovers Makes our Work Possible”

Supporters, animal protection sponsors, members and testaments are hugely important for funding our work. SEY is almost entirely run by donations. You can also find present ideas suitable for animal-lovers in our online store. There are many ways to support us, and everyone can find a way to help animals.

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